Types of Carpentry Work

Types of Work Done by a Carpenter

Carpenters can focus on one or two distinct subtypes of the craft to further polish their abilities. The best people to hire are those with extensive experience. The homes we live in, the furniture we sit on, and the buildings where we work and play would not be possible without these craftspeople. There are many specialties within the area of carpentry. To help you select the perfect carpenter who can match your needs, examine the various types of carpenters.


Are experts at designing, constructing, and maintaining the rafters, trusses, and beams that make up a building’s roof. They can make sure that roofs are structurally solid both inside and out to retain the level of durability that clients need. In contrast to rough carpenters, who may work on both framing and roofing at the same time, roofers solely do carpentry relating to roofs.


Only construct framing for homes or other structures. A framer is distinct from a rough carpenter in that they solely work with frames and are frequently engaged on an individual basis for specific projects or contracts.

Finish Carpenters

They are the ones who carry on the work that the untrained carpenters began. For the house or structure to seem like a finished room, finish carpenters will be brought in to install drywall, crown molding, windows, stairs, and other design components.

Rough Carpenters

They are also referred to as “framers” because they construct the structure’s framework. They are capable of building floors, roofs, and walls. This is essentially the framework of the home or structure. They carefully construct the base level by studying the plans.


Where floor surfaces are repaired. This prioritizes durability and structural integrity over finer details. Joister carpenters, however, are involved in finishing wooden floors, therefore they need to apply more complex procedures to get a more polished outcome.

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